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Life at SAGE's Photoshoot

SAGE, before anything else, at its core, is a close knit group of friends working in a shared space to support each others incessant desire to simply put, create. The brand brings together creatives from every end of the creative spectrum, from photographers and videographers, to models and musicians.

Walking into a Sage shoot is a unique experience. It’s almost like moving into a different world, with the industrial elements of the location and the intense lights from all the gear set up in a haphazard but controlled way all over the room. People are constantly talking, laughing and yelling, whilst the photographers are scrambling around taking millions of snaps, but right at the core, shining through all the chaos and heat of it all is an element of mutual support and respect. We see individuals not only focusing on their specialty but also teaching others and working together to maximise the quality of the shoot’s production.

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